Team Service

Tryout Training/Assistance

Students preparing to tryout for their High School or Middle School team can schedule private, semi-private or group training with our instructors at the Mid American Studio. Our instructors will focus on proper form and placement, along with the specific skills required for their desired team. It is recommended to begin tryout training 3 months prior to your tryout date.


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Tryout Training

Coaches – let us know when your tryout will take place, we’ll hold extra practices at our studio for your candidates! A trained staff member will go over your try-out routine count by count to ensure better understanding and correct form for your candidates.

Tryout Assistance

Need an extra eye or choreographer for your tryouts? Mid American Pompon is happy to have our staff come out to your location and help out in any way possible. Staff can instruct a short speed-learning routine for your candidates to try out to as well as help in judging your final tryouts. Please contact 248-477-5248 for more information.

Scheduling or Questions

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