Job Postings

Schools looking for Coaches:

 Skyline High School Pompon

Skyline Pompon is currently looking for a Varsity Pom Head Coach. Any interested candidates can apply by visiting  >>Departments>>Human Resources>>Job Postings>>Posted Positions. If you have any questions you can email the athletic director Erica at

John Glenn High School Pompon – Westland

John Glenn High School Pompon of Westland is looking for one head coach and 2 assistant coaches to get them started this season. Interested candidates should email Tiffany at

HH Dow High School Pompon

HH Dow Pompon is currently looking for both JV and Varsity coaching staff. Any interested candidates can email Colleen at

Brighton High School Pompon

 Brighton Varsity Pompon is looking to hire a coach for their upcoming season.  Anyone with a teaching background is also encouraged, as there may be an opportunity for a teaching role as well, should it be a proper fit. Interested parties should contact Bill Trombley from the Brighton School Board.

Churchill High School Pompon

Churchill Varsity Pompon is looking for one or two assistant coaches for the 2017-2018 season! Interested candidates can email Meredith for more information

Howell High School Pompon

Howell High School is looking for an assistant coach for the Varsity Team. Any interested parties should contact  Varsity Coach Theresa at 

University of Michigan Pompon

The University of Michigan Pompon team is seeking a coach for the 2017-18 season and beyond. Please provide background, current obligations, and a reason for interest in your application to for consideration.  Skills, background and fit for the program will be considered by current coaches, Katie Slovan and Laura Hirshfield.

Stevenson High School Pompon

Stevenson Varsity Pom is looking for a head coach for the 2017-2018 Season. Any interested candidates can complete an application here and email Athletic Director Lori Hyman

Northville Middle School Pompon

Northville Middle School Pom is looking for an assistant coach for the 2017- 2018 season. Any interested candidates can email Claire at

Westland Stars Dance Team

The Stars Dance team from Westland is looking for an assistant coach.
If interested, Please contact head coach Toni Lay

Franklin Varsity Pom

Franklin Pompon is looking to fill an assistant coaching position. If interested please contact Sydney Fitch

Please contact us if you are trying to fill a coaching position. Thank you!